Parallel World is a death-defying, rage-inducing and brain-picking minimalistic puzzle platformer that tests your skills and reflexes as you simultaneously control two squares through interesting platform challenges and puzzles. Exploring new rules of the two parallel worlds as you try to avoid the death and danger that awaits you.


1. Minimalistic art style inspired by Thomas Was Alone.
2. Make your way through a combination of problem solving and death-defying platforming challenges.
3. Funky music score, both retro and chill. It is made to prevent you from rage quitting.
4. An option to skip a level is displayed if you die more than 6 consecutive times in a level.
5. Constant level updates from the creators to keep you from being bored.


A Game By: Alex Chenxing Ouyang
Art By: Anastasia Owell Castle
Music By: Lawrence Lee

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